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Frequently Asked Questions

For answers to all of your questions check out our FAQ below. For all other inquires, please contact Homestead Tattoo.
Yes, we require a minimum 100$ deposit on all appointments. Deposits are non-refundable but do come off the final price of the tattoo. I do not get any drawings ready without a deposit. But if you like my previous work, I’m sure I can come up with something you’ll be happy with as well.
Yes, I’m generally working to get drawings ready a week or two ahead of the appointment date. I’ll send a sketch via email and you can check it out and make sure we’re on the same page. I draw a lot of stuff on, so the tattoo may not be exactly like the drawing. It all desponds on how it will fit the body.
Yes, that's a great idea. There are places to get lunch near by. It is nice to have at least a few snacks and a drink if you’re going to be sitting for the whole day.
Yes, for sure. Back-to-back appointments can work great for people from out of town or if you’d just like to get as much done as possible as quickly as possible. 3 days in a row are about the most I would recommend booking at once.
I usually book all-day appointments, from 10 am to 5 pm. With a few stretch breaks and a lunch break as well. I only charge for tattoo time, not while we are taking a break. If you would
like a shorter appointment, that is fine too. But, I find most people are more than capable of sitting for a whole day, even though it can be intimidating at first.
Yes, absolutely, you can. We are a small studio, and would just ask that you limit it to one guest. We do not recommend bringing small children with you to your appointment, as space is limited.
Currently, the hourly rate for tattooing is 180$ but will be increasing to 190$ in January 2024. We do not have a day rate for tattooing; we just charge by the hour.
All of them! (Except crypto) We can take Visa, American Express, Mastercard, apple or google pay, debit, cash, and E-transfer. 
That depends but in general. A sleeve will take 20-25 hours to complete, depending on size and complexity.
Again, that can vary. Generally, a full-back tattoo will take about double the time of a sleeve, but it really depends on how big it is and how far down the back of the leg it goes. I always recommend going at least a few inches below the belt line. Otherwise, it looks like a shirt that is too short.
Depending on size and design, it takes about 40-60 hours.
Yes, but it is much easier and will flow better if you do the top first.
That's ok, but starting with the back and building off that is easier. It's much easier to have everything go together and make sense if you work from the back first.
Roughly 200 to 300 hours, depending on what style of bodysuit you would like. 
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