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About Homestead Tattoo

Discover Calgary's premier private tattoo studio, Homestead Tattoo! This hidden gem is home to stunning classic Japanese tattooing. Homestead Tattoo, is an exclusive tattoo studio located within the Grain Exchange Building in Calgary, Alberta.

Our History

Established in 2022 by Kevin Pregitzer, Homestead Tattoo is Calgary's premier private tattoo studio specializing in traditional Japanese tattooing.

The name "Homestead Tattoo" is steeped in the legacy of our family's enduring connection to farming and homesteading on the prairies. As proud residents of Alberta, and in particular Calgary, we celebrate the captivating juxtaposition of these landscapes. Here, within this vibrant city, one discovers boundless opportunities entwined with a genuine sense of community. Moreover, our proximity to the majestic Rocky Mountains enables us to relish their awe-inspiring splendour and bask in nature's magnificence.

At Homestead Tattoo, we uphold the utmost professionalism, valuing the trust you place in our expertise. Our commitment to excellence is matched only by our dedication to providing an unparalleled client experience. Allow us to embellish your skin with timeless Japanese-styled creations that not only capture your individuality but also pay homage to the fusion of tradition and innovation.

Our establishment prides itself on its atmosphere of professionalism and care. We invite you to embark on a transformative artistic experience. With an unwavering dedication to our craft, Homestead Tattoo is renowned for our love of classic Japanese tattooing. Our accomplished artist is highly skilled and experienced, ensuring that we can make your tattooing dreams a reality.
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What We Do

Currently, we do not accept walk-ins. To book an appointment at Homestead Tattoo, please contact us.
"Kevin has been great to work with. He’s an awesome artist, I can’t recommend highly enough. Both professional and accommodating. He has done both my arms and back. And if I gain the courage he can have my legs and stomach too! The shop clean and offers some fun views of downtown to boot!"
J Simone
Traditional Japanese Tattoo Client

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